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Empowering Resilience, Illuminating Strength: Rebuilding Lives After Domestic Violence

A Starr's Place is a compassionate haven designed to support individuals and families impacted by domestic violence. Our comprehensive array of services, spanning consulting, support groups, resources, advocacy, and education, is tailored to women and children of all ages, beliefs, abilities, and ethnic groups. 

At our core, we are dedicated to cultivating a community where every individual is treated with unwavering respect and dignity, and where the scourge of domestic violence is unequivocally intolerable. With a steadfast commitment to empowering survivors, we guide them in reclaiming their lives with dignity, paving the way for a brighter future free from abuse.

Meet The Founder

Amelia is also the founder of A. Starr's Place, a non-profit organization that supports those affected by abuse, trauma, homelessness, and hardships stemming from domestic violence. Her personal experience with domestic violence inspired her to create this organization, which provides essential hygiene products, support groups, consultations, and advocacy to help survivors rebuild and heal.

As a passionate advocate for domestic violence survivors, Amelia works tirelessly to raise awareness of the issue and push for policy and systemic changes to address it. Drawing from her own personal experiences with loss, she understands the emotional toll that it can take on an individual, and she has made it her mission to help others navigate the complex emotions and challenges that come with loss and hardships.

Amelia is also an active member of her community, frequently participating in events and initiatives aimed at combating domestic violence and supporting survivors. Her expertise on the issue has made her a sought-after keynote speaker, and her podcast and books have become invaluable resources for survivors looking for support and guidance.

Through all of her work, Amelia demonstrates her unwavering dedication, compassion, and commitment, to helping others rebuild and heal from tragedy, trauma, and loss. She is a true inspiration and a force for positive change in the world.

Amelia - A Starr's Place Founder